About Greg Von Doersten

Greg Von Doersten has been a Jackson, Wyoming resident and professional photographer since the late 1980s. His work has taken him across the globe, from photographing the world’s largest rapids on Africa’s Congo river, to sailing the Drake Passage enroute to ski mountaineering in Antarctica, to climbing and skiing on some of the highest mountains on all five continents. Greg is renowned for his range and ability to shoot multiple sports successfully, whether from a climbing rope, river or skis. His work has appeared in a wide spectrum of editorial outlets, including National Geographic, Outside, Powder, Forbes, Fortune and the New York Times, and been commissioned by a diverse client list including, Atomic Skis, American Express, Delta Airlines, Microsoft, Molson Beer and Red Bull. Though known for his versatility behind the lens, and ability and willingness to access to planet’s most remote places, some of Greg’s most fulfilling work has been shooting skiing and snowboarding in the Teton Mountains.